SEMPER AD MELIORA - “Always toward better things.”

Dear Aspiring Dental Assistant, 

      I want to start by saying I AM YOU! I started exactly where you are now. I was seeking more from my  professional life, working at a dead-end job with little to no benefits and low pay. I remember going to  a dentist office and noticing the staff appeared to be happy at work. Imagine that. I went home and  began researching how to work in a dental office and to my surprise, I didn’t need to go to college for  years. I didn’t need to quit my job, take out loans or put my life on hold to set my life in a new direction.  I found and attended a school very similar to this one, a twelve- week program that allowed me to get  my foot in the door and continue to learn every single day in a professional environment in the  healthcare field. In June 2011 I began my career as a dental assistant, taking pride in caring for my  patients and serving my coworkers.  

      Having a decade of experience now, I know a few more things than I did then, and I’ll let you in on a few.  Beginning this journey was the best thing I ever did. I have met amazing, supportive people. I have  continued to learn throughout my career. I have seen people’s lives change as a result of dentistry, my  own included. 

      I have a unique perspective in this industry, having gone through a similar course of training that you are  pursuing now. Coupled with the experience of having trained many individuals that have become my  coworkers and friends over the years, I feel that I have practical understanding of what other schools in  the area offer -and LACK- as well as what information and tools you need to be successful on day one.  

      Without a doubt you will not learn every little thing you need to know in 13 weeks of training with me  (although I’ll do my best to give you all the knowledge I have), but you will have a foundation of  dentistry that will prepare you for a lifelong learning experience that includes practical skills, growing in  the ever-expanding technologies of healthcare and more importantly the compassion it takes to be a  successful human.  

      Our motto is Semper Ad Meliora, “Always toward better things.” It would be a great honor for our team  to inspire you toward better things and help you along the way.  

With all the best wishes,  

 Jennifer Towery

Co-Founder of D.A.P.A, Registrar, Instructor, Dental Assistant